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Which is easier stamped or counted cross stitch?
12.11.2021 | Cherry | About Cross Stitch

Cross-stitchers have different views on which of the two is easier. Some say that stamped cross stitch is simpler and easier because the pattern is already printed on the fabric. But you can also find basic counted cross stitch patterns that are also easy to do.

Which type of cross stitching is easier depends on some factors. Check these out if you agree. Choosing which one you like best to do still depends on personal preference, not which is easier or more challenging.


Skill Level

Some crocheters recommend stamped cross-stitching as ideal for beginners. With a complete stamped cross stitch kit, you can start stitching right away. You don’t need to go through finding the center of your fabric first before you can start stitching.

With stamped cross stitch, you can start from any part of your pattern or any floss color that you choose. Stamped cross stitch is a good starting point for newbies or children who are interested in cross-stitch.

Counted cross stitch can be a little tricky because you need to find the center of the fabric before you can start. It would be best if you counted your stitches properly; else, your project would spell disaster.

But nowhere does it say that stamped cross-stitching is only for newbies because it is easy. And counted cross stitch is not only for the experienced cross-stitchers but anyone who knows how to count.


The Complexity of the Pattern

Stamped cross stitch patterns are usually not as detailed as the counted cross stitch patterns. Usually, the colors used on stamped cross stitches are basic, and it does not use as many fractional stitches as in counted cross stitches.

Counted cross stitch patterns can produce more complex patterns with wider color variety and smaller details.


Final Product

The finished pieces of the stamped and the counted cross stitches also differ. A finished counted cross stitch is usually very detailed, with a lot of colors and finer gradients. These cross stitch pieces are usually hung on walls like paintings.

Stamped cross stitches have simpler designs and usually come in small patterns. The stamped cross stitch designs are commonly used to decorate pillowcases, placemats, or table runners.

The question of which type of cross stitch is easier still depends on what design is on the fabric. Stamped cross stitch can also have large and complex patterns, while counted cross stitch can also come in basic patterns.

The easier choice of the two would be something you are willing to stitch from start to finish.